Pipe Sizes
If you need information about Nominal Pipe Sizes, look no further! For each nominal pipe size, this app tells you the outer diameter, and for each schedule available for that pipe size, it tells you the thickness, inner diameter and linear weight.

UltraList Plus
This is the deluxe version of UltraList. In addition to everything in UltraList, UltraList Plus also has Expenses and Documents.


Strategic Leap
Strategic Leap
Strategic Leap is a magical board game that will keep you challenged and entertained. Your objective is to eliminate all your opponents pieces or go across the board, capture your flag and bring it back to your side for the win! Collect magic spells as you move around the board, then unleash them on your opponent to gain the advantage.

It has three modes of play:

Puzzle: The only opponent here is yourself. You must find a way, to collect all the gold nuggets on the board. Doing so with fewer moves earns you more stars and points. See if you can get three stars on all levels!

Campaign: Match your wits against one of the game characters: Homer, Rachel, Yuji, and Elizabeth! You can choose from easy to hard. The more challenging the opponent, the more points and stars you get!

Multiplayer: Join you friends for a game of Strategic Leap! Play on the same device (Pass 'n Play) or challenge each other over the internet! Rack up points and see if you can get to the top of the Leaderboard! Good Luck!

Strategic Leap was originally released for the Mac back in the 1990s (by the same developer). *** It won MacWorld Best Brain Game of 1995. *** A lot of really cool features have been added since then: new playing pieces, new magic spells, sliding tiles, tutorials, puzzles, a campaign mode, and the multiplayer game play is better than ever!

Strategic Leap starts with over 150 levels, but this will grow over time as updates are released. As well, new game features are planned! We would love to hear your feedback! Tell us what you think! Don't hold back!

UltraList is a great way to stay organized and have all your data in one place! It helps you keep track of To Dos, Shopping lists, Gift Giving lists, Locations, Photos, Tags, and Weblinks.


UltraExpense is a powerful tool for keeping track of expenses, whether they are for a business trip or for personal expenses. In addition to expenses UltraExpense also supports keeping track of locations, attaching photos and the ability to tag expenses with user-defined tags, making it easier to find and organize your expenses.

From cooking to working in the garage, when you need to know how much something weights from its size, or vice versa, this is your app!

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